Monday, November 5, 2018


A morning poem for you. 

Touch lovingly, 
hold and cherish
Be rocked
and squeezed by love.
Welcome a warm palm
wrapped around your hand.

Truly listen
only to understand
the voice of the heart
To know the lilt 
of love.

Taste to know
the colors
of nourishment
Kiss to love
the flavor
of vulnerability

See movement.
Shadow by light.
Become aware
of peripheral vision
the view around the corner
or stand close
to the eyes you love. 

Inhale the aromas
of mood
and time.

Or notice the
old weathered hands
of the family grands,
Who have become 
roots in your stories. 
By you. 

Pull in today's air
tree bark or sea,
new leaf
or the glory
of it's last days.
So many spices 
romancing with time.

Sense there is more.
Always more.

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