Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Resistance definition according to the Oxford online dictionary: 
"The refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument."
Consider resistance as it relates to an emotional conversation. Consider resistance as it relates to feeling your own emotions. 
You are here in this magical life and you may not travel the world or fly into space. Yet you are blessed to journey through every emotion. Each emotion holds an essence and a lesson that offers you the possibility of being a better person. Each emotion is a link to honoring of your truer self.
To tell yourself or another you are not sad when you are shuts a door, it hurts.
To tell another or yourself you are not angry pulls a curtain on your needs or thoughts and tells another they are not worthy of truth or trust.
To tell another everything is perfect when you are lost keeps you in loneliness.
To listen to another share their worry is the greatest honor there is. A flight to the moon in its wonder.
When sharing those emotions that you feel may be unpleasant, if you share them softly and from the heart you are offering the raw you, the vulnerable you, the bravest and most gloriously growing you. 
Each emotion holds the trueness of life, so another human can learn to connect to you through empathy.
Each emotion holds healing, as it leaves it turns into a space for insight to enter.
Emotions are not a glue, they do not stick to you. Unless you try to close them in.
And yet, maybe emotions do hold glue when we share them with each other, we become united…
Emotions are like music. Rock, symphony and the softest flute and cymbal.
Music is so close to emotion that a song can echo through your soul and find an emotion to match the melody.
Being able to say “I feel” is one of your greatest gifts. Coming back to the purity is one of the finest pieces of music in existance. It honors your rightness as well as others. It comes from a place deeper than correctness according to
life or religion or education. It moves life towards the wisdom of your soul.


I found this writing of mine, and thought it was worth sharing. This was written less than a month after my Mom passed. I am sure she loves this. 

I am in the air. Flying from Madrid, Spain to San Jose, Costa Rica. Hello.
Its beautiful up here. I keep looking out the window, watching the cotton clouds and the little windows they create that let me peak at the earth below.
I love being in the air, it feels like I am in the “in between”. This space where I can think for hours, review and ponder.
I have been pondering a lot lately and it feels good. It feels like strong thoughts that have directions and insights. They holds roots in bigger definitions of what I want and how I can love responsibly.

In this luxury of time to I decided to write to all of you .
Long flights are likely to have some turbulence. Its a lot like life. Hours can pass and the flight is beautifully smooth. You look out the window from your moving space in the sky and life feels so tranquil. The human face softens in a mirror of peace. Then turbulence hits and your whole being stiffens, the heart rate quickens followed by clammy hands. Even if you are one of those that does not react physically, your awareness of your lack of control suddenly is alert, your breathing is more conscious and you enter the now. You may even begin to think of everyone you love. (Of course you may also think of the pilot).

In life we also have these smooth times. These days upon days where grace runs through your veins and out of your eyes. Where you can share your wisdom and wit easily with the world and it all rings true. (You know from the responses you get)

Think about this past year. How has it been for you?

On a recent retreat I asked the group if they felt like they were the hero in their life story at the present time.
Hero moments arrive in a variety of ways. One common way are times that resembles turbulence on a flight. In life they are the unsure moments, the mucky or sucky moments, loss of control moments, loss of love moments, loss of the life of a loved one, a job, integrity or confidence...you get my drift.
These are the moments when you suddenly are stuck in the now, time moves differently here. Some may say energy shrinks yet I think it expands. Life becomes a challenging workout. If I were to take a pose for you I would stand with arms open wide in question waiting for an answer. When you are here, you are my hero.

Just like when you are in turbulence on a plane, hero moments require faith.

Muck and Grace. Life is magical like that. All is going super smooth and then suddenly you are back in the spin cycle being cleaned again. Being tested by experiences that help you define who you are and what you want to be and do in this life.These are the moments when you either listen to fear and doubt, or you hold on and choose faith and responsibility. You may stumble, complain, mourn and cry now and then, its part of the journey, yet ask for support as much as you can. Most important, even if you can't say it out loud, let faith sing in your soul. Please.

To those of you on a smooth part of the journey. Your golden moments are like that glorious sun out my window, creating both light and shadow. You are holding the essence of grace if you choose, share in any way you can. How can you? ( These were some of my questions to myself this year also).

To those of you in the turbulence. Courage and belief are built here. Stories to be told are written here. What you learn here is part of your hero act. What you do with it is your gift.

I am still learning all this as I have a grace moment up here in the sky.

With love from above,