Monday, January 15, 2018


The water fell from the sky
through time
and space
to nourish the earth
and be absorbed 

and changed

it floated as a white dust
to be melted 
into liquid as it touched
a solid 

As a solid
it held a coldness
that brought
soothing relief 
or bitter sharpness,
a whitening freeze

Some chose to enter
water, to float and be
surrounded in its game
with gravity
or to swim in its 
a depth to be explored
or feared
or inspired by
its offerings of 
liquid space

Water flowed through 
time, slowly changing
the shape of the planet
It turned the world 
into colors
and offered growth
a molding of shapes
in slow motion

In time, It rose again 
into the atmosphere
invisible to be seen
by the eye
yet felt by a cheek

Returning again and again
as a drop of magic
falling to the earth

You too, my dears
Are water.