Monday, November 5, 2018


A morning poem for you. 

Touch lovingly, 
hold and cherish
Be rocked
and squeezed by love.
Welcome a warm palm
wrapped around your hand.

Truly listen
only to understand
the voice of the heart
To know the lilt 
of love.

Taste to know
the colors
of nourishment
Kiss to love
the flavor
of vulnerability

See movement.
Shadow by light.
Become aware
of peripheral vision
the view around the corner
or stand close
to the eyes you love. 

Inhale the aromas
of mood
and time.

Or notice the
old weathered hands
of the family grands,
Who have become 
roots in your stories. 
By you. 

Pull in today's air
tree bark or sea,
new leaf
or the glory
of it's last days.
So many spices 
romancing with time.

Sense there is more.
Always more.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


I was so struck with this artwork by Christian Schloe. It felt so familiar that I wanted to write to you. 

One of my favorite meditations I sometimes call ‘third eye meditation’, which for me means to still my mind so that my soul can bring forward sensations, images and insights that are many times beyond my knowledge or present thought state. 

Think of your energy when you sit down in a cinema and the room goes dark. You move into a state that is quiet and ready to receive. It’s time for you to do nothing but observe. It’s something like that. In meditation what is experienced is not on a screen but everywhere, including inside of you.

My joy in engaging with life outside of physical perception came with practice. 
I remember the first time I tried, I sat very still, consciously aware of straightening my spine and sitting with legs folded, yet I shifted now and then to ease my back or knees. As uncomfortable as I sometimes felt, I had no doubt this was what I wanted to do and I sat day after day. What did I feel? See? Very little, mainly lots of blackness. Yet what I also felt was love. I didn’t know if it came only from me, or if it was in the air. Wherever and whomever it was it calmed me and wrapped me in a way that followed me through my day. 

It occurred to me one day that my own soul, or any spiritual energy for that matter would not be concerned if I had the perfect sitting posture.  This was not a school about human conditioning or rules, this was about things beyond form. 
From that time on I made myself comfortable. Sometimes I sat in the center of my yoga mat, other times I curled on the couch with pillows surrounding me in a cocoon, on a beautiful day I chose early evenings on my balcony. If I felt like it, I walked to the top of a hill to close my eyes and breathe. It trusted what felt right. Many early mornings I rested comfortably in bed, and as I woke out of sleep I went right into energetic listening. Energy is very open to offering wisdoms. How I knew this I didn’t know. Yet I was certain. It was me who was learning how to hear, and I was learning that sometimes information just appeared in my mind. 

The first image I saw came while I sat on a wooden chair with my eyes closed, suddenly a pink rose appeared, floating in the midst of nothing. It was folded tight and began to open in front of me. Yet what absorbed me was that although I was  still me, I was also those petals, so soft and delicate I was almost a liquid. The flower filled me somehow, and as if some lightbulb turned on I realized how I loved I am. I cried.  
That small vision probably lasted thirty seconds of my meditation, yet had an infinite effect. That is how love is. 

Through the years I have become better at listening to the universe and soul energy. Sometimes I feel my own soul embracing me, or watching me through time, other moments I feel the souls of everyone I have ever loved, those in human form and those who have passed on, I may even feel a hand on my shoulder or a hand in my hand.  I feel their absolute goodness behind every error, I know their soul.  Often I feel the life of the stars themselves or a bird in the air. 

We can all feel energy. And it’s so simple. It is not about sending out anything, or doing anything. It’s similar to energy of a baby, from that pure place where life is only about taking it in, where judgement and conditioning do not exist and you are openly sensing everything. To embody presence and faith. 

Choose some music if you like, about 5-20 minutes long. Something soothing. If you are inside a room light a candle to soften and center you. 
Now choose a comfortable place for yourself and close your eyes. Feel your own aura surrounding you, maybe it will feel like a bright cloud that changes shape now and then. Maybe you cannot feel it at first, thats totally fine too. ( Its not what life has been teaching you so far so it may be perfect to not know) Tell your aura only pick up and hold onto positive energy and let the rest bounce off and become light. Your energy hears you. 
( let your imagination help you at first) 
Simply intend the words in your minds eye, I am here to listen to my soul and guides. Feel the space between your eye brows and imagine the energy in front of it softening. This is like your little movie screen opening for the film to begin. 

Learn to let go of expectations. Each of us are unique and sensations vary. Just be and let that be everything. 

When the song finishes begin to sense your aura once again, a protective and loving force just for you. Also sense your third eye and imagine a soft hand ( maybe the hand of a grandparent or someone you loved)  covering it for a moment, almost like it is offering healing to let it relax again. 

Become aware of your breath moving in your body, slowly rising and falling. After some moments,  gently open your eyes. 


Much love, 

Monday, January 15, 2018


The water fell from the sky
through time
and space
to nourish the earth
and be absorbed 

and changed

it floated as a white dust
to be melted 
into liquid as it touched
a solid 

As a solid
it held a coldness
that brought
soothing relief 
or bitter sharpness,
a whitening freeze

Some chose to enter
water, to float and be
surrounded in its game
with gravity
or to swim in its 
a depth to be explored
or feared
or inspired by
its offerings of 
liquid space

Water flowed through 
time, slowly changing
the shape of the planet
It turned the world 
into colors
and offered growth
a molding of shapes
in slow motion

In time, It rose again 
into the atmosphere
invisible to be seen
by the eye
yet felt by a cheek

Returning again and again
as a drop of magic
falling to the earth

You too, my dears
Are water.