Saturday, June 4, 2016


Do not become stagnant.
Let change happen
Let movement lead you to inspiration.
As fluidity loosens up your rigid thoughts
As a song becomes liquid emotion through melody
and tale.

I urge you to move.
When you feel lost.
For even grief loosens it's grip
When your arms are held high in offering to existence.
It reminds the heart of the joy still within.

Movements are the magic of Change

I urge you to move
To reach out to all you can
Dance under stars
Crawl if you must
Let your toes sink in earth
or wiggle in a bath tub
blink your eyes
squeeze a hand.
Be totally real

Invite those who are envious of your free soul to see you move forward
or backward.

I urge you to move
Swing your arms
swing your legs
or find a swing
watch the thoughts
begin to flow.

Throw a ball in the air
feel it's return smack in your palm
Jump in a cold sea and let yourself gasp
Rise like the sun
To write in your shadow
Walk only for the joy of walking
Bow only for the joy of folding

I urge you to move
Movements are the magic of change
that let your stillness become as serene
as the moon.


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